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What do you look for in a lawyer?

Welcome to the Shelnutt Law Firm, P.C. website. Our firm handles cases involving all types of motor vehicle, motorcycle and trucking accidents, personal injury, wrongful death, criminal defense, probation and parole revocation, DUI, Social Security appeals and hearings (SSD/SSI), workers compensation, divorce, domestic relations, military defense and many more.

As you read the next few lines, you will begin to form an opinion as to whether or not our firm is the one to represent you in your legal matter. As you make this decision, there are some very important factors for you to consider regarding the lawyers you choose. Some of the most important factors that should be considered are education, hands on experience, manpower and resources, a proven track record, and client loyalty. Regardless of your legal need, these qualities are the basic building blocks for any successful attorney–client relationship.           

  • Education – Every lawyer at The Shelnutt Law Firm holds a Juris Doctorate of Law Degree from some of the leading accredited law schools in the southeast region with histories of producing attorneys who have been recognized by many as some of the most successful attorneys and litigators in the country.  Our attorneys all graduated with varying degrees of honors and scholastic accolades.   Although there are many factors that go into making an excellent attorney, we believe that receiving a quality legal education is a basic building block of a good attorney.

  • Hands–On Experience – If you were in an accident, would it matter if your attorney had “first hand” experience standing in the middle of crash scenes measuring skids, and inspecting vehicle crush damage? If you were arrested, would it matter if your attorney had hands–on experience processing crime scenes, collecting evidence, and interviewing witnesses? Among our attorneys, there is experience in law enforcement investigating serious and fatality accidents, investigating major case crimes, prosecuting and defending both Federal and State criminal cases, service as a former Military Assistant Staff Judge Advocate (JAG), a current Deputy Staff Judge Advocate with the Alabama Air National Guard, and a sitting Municipal Judge. There’s no substitute for hands–on experience. Let our experience work for you.

  • Manpower and Resources – From our staff of attorneys and paralegals to the latest legal computer software, our firm is set up to represent clients in legal matters that range from simple and straightforward to matters involving complex legal issues and litigation. We have access to the doctors, investigators, and experts needed to properly handle serious cases and have the resources needed to pursue complex or drawn out legal matters. 

  • A Proven Track Record – Our firm has been blessed to enjoy a tremendous amount of success in each of the areas of law that we practice. Over the years, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars for clients, successfully represented clients in criminal defense matters ranging from misdemeanors to murder, won workers compensation benefits for numerous clients, and have successfully fought for social security benefits for many clients who had previously been denied benefits. Because no two cases are alike, no attorney can guarantee a particular result in any case. However, we know what it takes to get a successful result for our clients and we will do everything within our power to achieve the best outcome possible in your legal matter.  

Note: Out of respect for our clients and as a matter of common decency, we don’t post photos from serious or fatality accident cases on our web site, nor do we list amounts recovered for a particular client or accident. A client’s death or injury scene should not be posted for the “on–line world” to see and we believe our client’s financial status is something that should be kept private.  If you’ve been seriously injured or lost a loved one in an accident, we’ll be glad to meet with you privately and discuss the catastrophic cases we’ve handled and our ability to make a recovery for you. We believe you will be more than satisfied that we are the right firm to represent you.

  • Client Loyalty – We are completely loyal to our clients regardless of “who is on the other side” of the case and we do not believe in the “good old boy” system of practicing law. Prospective clients initially consulting our firm about a legal matter can expect an honest and candid opinion about their case. Current clients can always expect to get an honest answer about the status of their case and as to any other questions the client may have. All meetings with potential and current clients are confidential and your privacy will be protected. Find comfort in knowing that you can also trust our firm to be honest and loyal to you and provide you the level of legal representation that you deserve.

If you would like to learn more about the qualifications of The Shelnutt Law Firm, P.C. for handling your case, schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers today.

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