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Military Defense

The Shelnutt Law Firm handles military defense cases for servicemen and -women in all branches, including the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Our staff has hands-on experience and thoroughly understands the laws, military policies, and the rights of the enlisted.

Leveling the Field in Court Martials

For military persons facing court martial, the odds are often stacked against them. Military crimes carry heavy punishments and can completely turn a life upside-down. In addition to dishonorable discharge, those convicted of criminal activity can face jail time and other serious consequences. Although defendants can be appointed defense counsel, the lack of resources and funding can put them at a disadvantage. Military prosecutors have vast experience and are known for their aggressive tactics. They have the boundless government resources at their fingertips. They’ve built their careers on winning cases and securing convictions. Their ongoing investigational methods can be strenuous and may force defendants to divulge information that can be used against them.

At The Shelnutt Law Firm, our civilian military defense attorneys help accused service men and women stand up for fair treatment and a fair legal process. We use strategic cross-examination and other defense skills to fight for our clients. By using a firm that knows the Uniform Code of Military Justice well, but is not affiliated with the military branches, your rights will be uniquely protected.

Our military defense team handles all types of military legal issues including:

Administrative Separation Boards
Boards for Correction of Military Records
Non-Judicial Punishment and Appeals
Clemency and Parole Boards
Discharge Review Boards
Article 32 Investigations
Criminal Defense
Sex Offenses
Fraud and Larceny

If you’ve been accused of a military crime, put a highly prepared civilian legal team behind you. Please contact the Shelnutt Law Firm today for your free personal consultation.

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