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Motorcycle Accidents

When motorcycle accidents are reported in the news, people’s stomachs drop and their hearts skip a beat. Why? Because a motorcycle collision typically results in severe or fatal injuries. A motorcycle accident is going to have serious consequences because the driver is not protected as people in passenger vehicles are protected. When a bike is hit by a large automobile, truck or bus, the motorcycle rider is the one with the most to lose.

At the Shelnutt Law Firm, we’ve seen so many motorcycle accidents result in irreparable harm and catastrophic injuries. Victims are thrown off their bikes, break bones, and face severe internal injuries.  Traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury are common after a motorcycle accident. Even if they are wearing protective clothing and helmets, motorcycle riders can be seriously injured in even a low-speed collision. We’ve seen too many fatalities and too many lives confined to a wheelchair following these accidents. We’ve seen children who’ve lost their parent and parents who’ve lost their children. Motorcycles are a legal form of transportation, and riders will continue to ride. But the more we can work to hold negligent drivers accountable, the safer riders may be when they take to the road.

Putting Your Mind at Ease

You shouldn’t have to worry whether or not you’ll get to keep your house while going through such a difficult period. You shouldn’t have to wonder how you’ll make ends meet. Our legal team fights to help motorcycle accident victims and their families take on all the challenges that lie ahead. As you face each day with a fear of what might happen, our goal is to help you ease the burden of an accident. We do this by holding the drivers who caused the accident accountable for what they’ve done. We work on getting you fair compensation, helping you get the money you need to pay for top medical care and to replace income that is being lost as your loved one is recovering. When you hire the Shelnutt Law Firm to represent you after a motorcycle accident, you are taking a big step in a positive direction.

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