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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian right-of-way is a legal right that is often ignored by all types of vehicles. Many passenger vehicle drivers seem to simply not show respect to pedestrians legally crossing Alabama roadways or in parking areas. Imagine the devastation that can occur when your car or truck comes in contact with a pedestrian with no protection whatsoever. And, unlike victims of a motorcycle accident, most pedestrians are wearing no protective clothing when hit.

If you or a loved one suffered severe brain, neck and back, or spinal cord injuries as a result of being struck by a vehicle, your family may be entitled to collect damages for all the problems the accident has caused. Not only are you dealing with significant and potentially life-threatening injuries, you may be losing valuable income while the victim is hospitalized. How do you cover these costs and afford specialty medical care, rehabilitation, surgeries, and medication? A highly-skilled legal firm may be the answer to your prayers.

Compensating the Innocent

The experienced attorney team at the Shelnutt Law Firm is a strong voice for innocent pedestrians whose rights have been violated. Our team of attorneys and paralegals will launch a full investigation into the accident that caused severe injuries. We’ll work with medical experts to evaluate the severity of the injuries and to determine what type of medical care you may need in the future. We’ll identify the ways in which the accident has set your family back, and decide how much your pain and suffering is worth. A high-dollar settlement can’t erase the pain a pedestrian accident may cause, but it can help your family afford necessary medical care.

If you are wondering whether or not to pursue a personal injury claim, consider this: victims who hire an attorney often get two to three times the settlement amount than they would if they were to settle with the insurance company on their own. While we can’t guarantee you you’ll get a certain amount of compensation, we can promise that we won’t back down until you get a number that is fair.

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