Accidents and Wrongful Death

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No one expects an accident to happen to them. Out of nowhere, many lives can be turned upside-down due to one bad decision by someone else. Whether a careless driver ignored a stop sign, was driving under the influence, or failed to signal, breaking the law can throw innocent drivers into a sea of problems. 

An accident can disrupt your life in so many ways, without any warning at all. Some families affected by accidents may have savings that can help them get through the financial turmoil. But in our experience, very seldom is an insurance policy or a personal savings account enough to cover the damage that is done.

After an accident, serious injuries can leave you stuck in the hospital for months. Surgery may be needed, followed by difficult and expensive therapy sessions. For victims of brain injury, orthopedic injury, neck injury, or spinal disc injury, the prognosis may be frightening to hear. Victims with a diagnosis of paralysis face a lifetime of limitations. Those with severe burn injuries have to deal with the physical and emotional scars that result.

In addition to the difficult challenges injury victims face, there are also the financial hardships that extensive treatment can cause. If you’ve lost a loved one after an accident, there are burial and funeral costs, as well as the emotional pain of losing someone close to you; all of this affects the entire family.

The Shelnutt Law Firm is here for your family. From lost income to medical bills, we understand how deeply an accident can affect your life. Our experienced team of attorneys will work tirelessly to make sure you get the compensation you need to get back on your feet. We represent victims of accidents and help their families get substantial compensation. Our team of professionals handles severe injuries and wrongful death cases, representing your family with compassionate, focused legal care.

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