Can Smartphone Manufacturers be held Liable for Distracted Driving?

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If you have been injured by a texting driver, call 256-547-4988 for a free consultation with our Gadsden distracted driving lawyers right awayA recently filed lawsuit following a fatal distracted driving accident in Texas is garnering national attention as the first to name a smartphone manufacturer – in this case Apple – as a defendant. According to the suit, Apple should be held liable for this fatal texting-while-driving accident for not doing enough to prevent driver distraction. Many legal experts have opined on the improbability of the plaintiff successfully holding Apple liable, but the ultimate decision will be in the hands of the court – and that decision could have a profound impact on all future texting-whole-driving lawsuits.

Texting while driving is an epidemic. Studies have shown that using a cellphone to text – even when that device is being used hands-free – increases crash risks more than 20 times over. Texting has been identified as a leading cause of accidents, many fatal, and continues to be an issue despite nearly country-wide laws making it illegal. But can smartphone manufacturers really be held accountable for people misusing their products?

The court will decide if Apple and its competitors can be held responsible for injuries and deaths caused by distracted driving, but those who use a phone while driving most certainly can be. Texting drivers, like drunk drivers, show complete disregard for the safety of everyone with whom they share the road and are liable for any and all damages they cause. If you have been the victim of a distracted driver, our Gadsden car accident lawyers can help. We are prepared to take your case as far as needed and to hold all liable parties accountable to help you get the full compensation you are due.

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