Dealing With State Farm Insurance

Serving clients in Gadsden and Nearby Areas of Alabama


“Like and imaginary friend, state farm isn’t there”  has become a catch phrase for many dis-satisfied customers and claimants of State Farm Insurance. State Farm also has the nick name of “Snake Farm”, instead of State Farm, which is common slang used by attorneys who have dealt with this company. State Farm’s tactics in avoiding the payment of claims have been well documented in the past and there have been hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of lawsuits filed in various courts across the country against Snake Farm. These suits deal directly with the failure of State Farm to pay people a fair settlement after an injury of loss. If you look up “cheap” in the dictionary, there should be a picture of a state farm logo. 

My own mother had State Farm Insurance, from the time I was a child , and she kept coverage with State Farm for approximately 20 years. This was, of course, before I became a Gadsden car accident lawyer. After TWENTY PLUS YEARS OF COVERAGE, she filed one, single claim with State Farm for damage to her property and they dropped her. I’m talking a claim where SOMEONE ELSE was at fault for the damage. What kind of company does this? What type of way is this to run a business? Over the years, many of the State Farm Adjusters we have dealt with all seem to care about one thing: Paying as little as possible to make our clients “go away.”  Unfortunately for State Farm, our law firm does NOT GO AWAY EASILY!  We’ve successfully handled many cases against State Farm, both in and out of court, and we would be glad to assist you with your case as well. Don’t be pushed around by State Farm’s Adjusters. You don’t have to deal with their attitude and failure to properly handle your claim in a timely and fair manner. Push them back with the force and authority of Gadsden car accident lawyers who knows how to deal with their tactics.    

If you’ve been in an accident, call a Gadsden car accident lawyer at our firm. Consultations are always free and there is no fee unless you recover. Let us fight with the insurance company so you can concentrate on getting better. Call our office today at 256-547-4988 

For reference, I’ve included a couple of links below  that you may find interesting about this company. These postings are just two of MANY that litter the internet.