First Galaxy Note 7 Lawsuit Filed

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If you have been injured by a defective smartphone in Alabama, call the Gadsden personal injury lawyers at the Shelnutt Law Firm for a free case evaluationA Florida man is suing Samsung following the explosion of his Galaxy Note 7. According to the complaint, the plaintiff sustained serious burns after the phone exploded in his pocket. Samsung has known about the explosion risk for several weeks, but an official recall was only announced a few days ago. Samsung has issued a software update that limits battery life but prevents explosion.  However, it is best to return your Galaxy Note 7 for an exchange as opposed to downloading a temporary fix.

As of September 17th, Samsung had received 92 reports of batteries overheating in the Galaxy Note 7. 26 of these incidents have resulted in burn injury. 55 have involved property damage – including damage to a car and garage. If you or someone you love sustains injury from one of these defective products, our Gadsden personal injury lawyers can help. We are prepared to get to work on your case right away and to take it far as needed to help you get the total compensation you are due.

Even when a product has been recalled, injuries caused by defective or faulty designs are the responsibility of the company. Despite the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall, victims of burn injury have every right to hold the company accountable and seek compensation well beyond the initial offerings of insurance companies.

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