Insurance Company Tactics: Signing A Medical Release

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As A Gadsden Car Accident Lawyer and Gadsden Trucking Accident Lawyer, I often see insurance company adjusters tell clients that they must sign a release allowing the insurance adjuster to get copies of the accident victim’s medical records before the insurance company will pay anything to the accident victim for their injuries. As a Gadsden car accident lawyer and Gadsden trucking accident lawyer, I agree that the insurance company needs to be provided copies of medical records an bills relating to an accident. However, there is also another underhanded reason that the adjuster wants you to sign the release. Once the adjuster has the signed release, he or she will not only get you records relating to the accident, but will also get all the records from medical treatment PRIOR to the accident.

Why do they want your prior records? It’s simple. The adjuster wants to look for ANYTHING other than the accident that he can blame your injuries on. For instance, let’s say that 3 years before your accident, you fell at your own home while working in your yard. You were checked out at the hospital but release. Since that time, you had no problems and life was fine. However, the adjuster will likely argue that your problems from the accident are really related to the fall you had 3 years earlier and that, at best, the car accident “aggravated your pre-existing injuries.”  

While the adjuster probably does not believe this, don’t think for a split second that he won’t argue this point to drive down the value of your claim. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you sign a medical release for the other driver’s insurance company without talking with an experienced Gadsden Car Accident Lawyer or an Experienced Gadsden Trucking Accident Lawyer if you’ve been the victim of an accident.

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