Insurance Tactics That Can Cost You Money – Giving A Statement

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One of the first things an experienced Gadsden Accident Attorney will tell you is that you should never give a statement to the other driver’s insurance company without first talking with a lawyer. As a Gadsden Accident Attorney, I’ve seen insurance adjusters tell auto accident victims that they (the adjuster) will refuse to pay the accident victim anything unless the auto accident victim gives a statement. On average, this is not true.

The reason the adjuster wants you to give a statement is to see if there’s anything that the adjuster can find to avoid paying the accident victim’s claim or to minimize the amount the adjuster pays the accident victim. Whether the adjuster tells you or not, it’s very likely that the adjuster is recording the phone call. As a matter of fact, in most states, the adjuster doesn’t have to even tell you that the call is being recorded.

As a Gadsden Accident Attorney, I’ve seen the following scenario play out many times: “Mark” is driving on the main highway and has the right of way when a vehicle fails to yield right of way and pulls out in front of him. Mark's vehicle collides with the other vehicle. Mark's car is damaged and he is injured from the accident. An insurance adjuster from the other driver’s insurance company contacts Mark and tells Mark that he needs to give a statement before the adjuster can finish investigating the claim and pay Mark for the damages to his vehicle. Mark gives a statement and tells the adjuster that he was driving around 40 miles per hour, was wearing his seatbelt and was paying attention to the traffic around him. Mark tells the adjuster that the other driver pulled right out in front of him and there was nothing he could do to avoid the accident.”

A few days later, Mark gets a letter in the mail from the insurance adjuster stating that the insurance company is refusing to pay Mark for the damage to his vehicle or his injuries because the speed limit on the road was 35 miles per hour and Mark admitted to "speeding at the time of the accident" because he stated he was driving at 40 miles per hour. In reality, Mark was only giving an estimate and, even if his estimate was accurate, his travelling at 5 miles per hour over the speed limit probably didn’t even contribute to the accident, whatsoever. However, the adjuster has used this as evidence to avoid paying the claim.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, it’s very important to speak with a qualified and experienced Gadsden accident attorney before speaking with the other driver’s insurance company.  There’s no charge to meet with a Gadsden accident attorney at our firm and discuss your legal rights. To meet with a qualified Gadsden accident attorney today, call our office at 256-547-4988. Initial consultations are always free and there’s is never a fee unless you recover.