Insurance Tactics That Can Cost You Money – Offering Quick Money

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After an accident, people are sometimes unsure if they need a Gadsden accident lawyer to represent them. Most people who are involved in an accident are good, honest people who simply want the insurance company to do the right thing. Most accident victims expect the same thing in return from an insurance adjuster and expect that the insurance adjuster will do the right thing. However, from a professional standpoint, most adjusters are NOT going to deal with you fairly and don’t have your best interest in mind. The goal of an insurance adjuster is to pay you as little as possible. As a matter of fact, if an adjuster can settle a claim below fair value, they receive things such as bonuses, promotions and other perks from the insurance company.  This is not my opinion, this is a fact and it is very common throughout the insurance industry.

As a Gadsden accident lawyer, one common tactic we see used by insurance adjusters is to settle early. For example purposes, let’s say a lady by the name of “Kim” gets into a car wreck where she was rear ended by another driver. Kim goes to the hospital to get checked out and then goes home. An insurance adjuster from the other drivers insurance company (let’s call them Snake Farm Insurance) calls Kim a couple of days later and offers to put her in a rental car and pay for the damage to her car. The adjuster also offers Kim a $1,500 check to settle her injury claim and says that he can send her a check out today so this matter can go ahead and get resolved. Kim is a little sore but she thinks she’ll be ok in a couple of days and accepts the check. This is exactly what the insurance adjuster wants because he knows that Kim likely doesn’t know the full extent of her injuries and that the insurance company will have to pay more money to settle Kim’s case once she finds out the full extent of her injuries.

A month later, Kim is still having problems and goes for an MRI, where it’s determined that she has two bulging discs in her back from the accident. Kim then goes through physical therapy for the next two months and is told that she will need surgery in the future if the physical therapy doesn’t work. Unfortunately for Kim, she cannot go back and get more money even though she was mistaken about the severity of her injuries. That’s because she accept a check from an insurance company for her injuries, she also had to sign a release that waived all rights to future claims relating to the accident.

In this scenario, Kim may have received much more for her injuries had she waited to see how severe her injuries were before she settled. Additionally, a competent Gadsden accident lawyer would have been able to help her build her case, both ethically and legally, to increase the value even more.  The moral of the story is you shouldn’t be fooled by an insurance adjusters offer to give you a quick check immediately following an accident. Don’t take the bait. You should ALWAYS speak with a qualified Gadsden accident lawyer about your case immediately following an accident to make sure you’re making the right decision. Our Gadsden Accident Lawyers know the insurance companies tricks and can help you avoid falling prey to a dishonest insurance adjuster. At our firm, accident consultations are always free. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by meeting with our Gadsden Accident Lawyers.