Safeway Insurance - Pathetic and Low Rent

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As a Gadsden car accident lawyer, I often get asked which insurance companies we “have the most problems out of?” My answer is that there are SEVERAL that consistently fail to treat people properly and who have a long history of stalling to pay claims, denying claims that they should pay and making every effort to keep from paying a fair settlement.  When I initially started writing this BLOG Post, I started to name it our “Top 5 or Top 10” list. However, instead of limiting or committing myself to a certain number of companies, I’m just going to add seperate blogs to our website that discuss each of the companies that we despise. Our opinions are based on the way their adjusters have conducted themselves with our clients (prior to our firm getting involved) and based off our firm's experience in dealing with them. 

SAFEWAY INSURANCE:  I once had a conversation with an insurance lawyer who previously represented Safeway Insurance. He joking said that the lawyers in his office used to call the company “No Pay No Way Safeway” as they joked about how pathetic the company was when it came to paying people who their insureds had injured. If an insurance company’s own lawyers would say this, what do you think the average citizen has to say about them after having to deal with a Safeway Insurance Adjuster?  Safeway Insurance usually only issues bare minimum policies and is a substandard carrier. This means they BARELY scrape by when it comes to issuing insurance policies that are legal under state law. Whatever you do, AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. I can tell you from years and years of dealing with this company that they have one of the cheapest, disreputable, pathetic and unprofessional manner of dealing with accident victims. If the Alabama Insurance Commissioner’s Office had a backbone, they would boot Safeway right out of this state just as other states have done. I would personally love to see Safeway leave and never come back.

For your entertainment, I’ve included a couple of links below that anyone reading this article may find interesting. These links confirm that my opinion about Safeway Insurance is the same opinion that is shared by many, many people.

If you’ve dealt with Safeway Insurance and you’re tired of their disrespect, stalling, low offers and any other games that they play, then call a Gadsden car accident lawyer at our law firm. We have put Safeway Insurance “In their place” on many occasions and we know exactly how to deal with these idiots. I know it may sound unprofessional to use the word "idiots" but my mother taught me to tell the truth and I simply can't think of any other way to describe them. Over the years, our lawyers have handled thousands of accidents and recovered millions of dollars for accident victims from multiple insurance companies. Let us deal with the insurance company so you can concentrate on moving forward with your life. Call our office for a free consultation at 256-547-4988. There is no money up front and you no fee unless you recover.