Sports Injury in Middle and High School

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Today is the first day of school in Gadsden, meaning many middle and high school kids will soon begin participating in athletic activities. While steps are taken to protect children against the most serious of injuries, some sports by their very nature are more likely to result in harm – and younger kids in particular are at serious risk for catastrophic injury when proper protocol and safety precautions are not enforced.

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If your child has been injured while playing on a sports team, call the Gadsden athletic injury lawyers at the Shelnutt Law Firm to learn more about your rightsAre all Sports Dangerous?

There is risk inherent in any athletic endeavor, but the Gadsden School Board has taken steps to ensure our programs are in line with the requirements of the Alabama High School Athletic Association. Nonetheless, injury can occur even when protocol is followed and some, such as spinal cord injury, concussion, or brain injury, may result in lifelong damage and necessitate both immediate and sustained medical intervention.

If your child is injured while playing an interscholastic sport, even if that injury takes place during practice, you may be entitled to seek compensation for the inevitable expenses that will follow. Our Gadsden athletic injury lawyers will investigate your case free of charge to help you determine if you have cause to file suit and work to ensure you are provided the full compensation you will need to properly care for and rehabilitate your child.

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