Thanksgiving Travel Tips

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Travel safely this Thanksgiving. If you are injured while traveling in Alabama, call 256-547-4988 to learn how The Shelnutt Firm can help.

Millions of Americans take to the road to visit family and friends over the Thanksgiving weekend. If you will be among them, take care to protect yourself and others from serious injury by driving safely.

Historically, most people in Alabama do a bulk of their Thanksgiving travel in a car. This means that special care will need to be taken to help prevent causing or being involved in a motor vehicle accident. If you are involved in an accident caused by someone who was not using caution, call our Gadsden auto accident attorneys at 256-547-4988 and schedule a free consultation to learn how we can help.

Safety Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

You can help protect yourself and others while traveling this Thanksgiving by:

  • Avoiding alcohol if you plan on driving
  • Allowing a passenger to handle navigation or programing your GPS prior to leaving home
  • Turning your phone off
  • Avoiding all forms of distraction
  • Driving the speed limit
  • Following all traffic signs and signals

It is also a good idea to give yourself a little bit of extra time to reach your destination. With extra traffic on the road, congestion and slower paces are likely. Be patient, give the vehicle in front of you some extra room, and make it to your Thanksgiving celebration safe, healthy, and sound.

If you are injured over the Thanksgiving travel period due to someone else’s poor decisions, please contact The Shelnutt Law Firm to learn how we can help you get fair compensation. Located in Gadsden, Alabama, our personal injury lawyers serve victims of car accidents living throughout the state.