Boating Accidents

Serving clients in Gadsden and Nearby Areas of Alabama

Alabama has 1,673 square miles of water — that’s a lot of area for boats large and small to cover. Whether fishing boats are out on the job, pontoon boats are out for sightseeing, or recreational watercrafts are out for a Sunday celebration, there are boats of all shapes, sizes and speeds in our waters.

While boating is a favorite pastime in our great state, it is also a source of danger. Boating accidents happen regularly in our waterways, rivers, lakes and around coastlines. While most boaters follow safety regulations and driving rules, there are many who ignore these duties and disrespect the law. When a boater is reckless, innocent bystanders may be severely or fatally injured. Whether the injured victims are passengers of the unsafe vessel, passengers and operators of other vessels, or swimmers, one thing is certain — families' lives are turned upside-down. People’s health, jobs, homes and families are all put at risk after a catastrophic injury. But there is hope.

The Shelnutt Law Firm in Birmingham may be able to help you if you or a loved one was injured in any body of water in or around Alabama including:

  • Guntersville Lake
  • Wilson Lake
  • Martin Lake
  • West Point Lake
  • Lewis Smith Lake
  • Tombigbee River
  • Alabama River
  • Tennessee River
  • Chattahoochee River
  • Atlantic Ocean

Building Your Boat Accident Claim

What does justice mean to your family? What if the careless boater was held legally and financially accountable for the harm that was done? If the negligent driver’s insurance company was ordered to pay all of your current and future medical expenses, would that ease some of the burdens your family is facing?

Our goal is to get you all that you deserve after an injury or loss of a loved one. We not only want justice restored, we want you to be compensated for the far-reaching emotional, physical and financial effects of the boating accident.

A Free Consultation

You can start your quest for justice by speaking to an attorney team that knows the state boating laws. Choose a firm that has helped many other Alabama families get the fair compensation they deserve following a boating accident.

Was your loved one killed in a boating accident? Please visit our Wrongful Death section.

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