Burn Injury Resources

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Dealing with a severe burn injury can make even everyday activities seem tough to carry out. From the painful wounds to the physical appearance changes, burn injuries can affect victims in very unique and challenging ways. Even with the best medical care and state-of-the-art treatment, there is a lot of “wait and see” time where the burn sites must carry out the natural healing process. This can require extreme patience, as well as mental and physical strength. The possibility of scarring and disfigurement are frightening for both patients and their families and can be emotionally devastating.

From the daunting duty of watching a loved one in pain, to the financial problems expensive burn injury treatment can cause, families facing severe burn injuries need all of the help and support they can get. This can include everything from legal support to talking to other families affected by burn injury. At The Shelnutt Law Firm, we believe injury victims and their family members should have access to accurate resources that may help them cope with — and overcome — the challenges of a burn injury.

The experienced legal team at The Shelnutt Law Firm provides clients with important resources they can use to research the effects of burn injuries, learn about treatment options, and network with other accident and injury victims.

Here are a few of the key burn injury resources our clients find helpful:

American Burn Association

The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, Inc.

The Burn Institute

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