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Dog Bite Lawyers | Gadsden, AL AttorneysA friendly encounter with a dog is always what you hope for: you meet a nice pooch, scratch his ears, throw a ball, and are friendly forever. Unfortunately, this is a not a premise that we can all accept as truth because, realistically, you never know if you can trust a dog. Animal attacks occur far too frequently and sometimes, without any type of warning.

When a dog attacks or bites a person, the owner of that dog is help liable for the animal's actions. Dog bites and attacks can be extremely harmful to any person, especially if the attacked is a child. If you or a family member has suffered a personal injury because of a dog bite, please contact the Shelnutt Law Firm today. Our attorneys will utilize their decades of experience to help get you the financial restitution you deserve. Call us today at 256-547-4988.

Dog Bite Statistics

In the United States, dog bites occur more frequently than anyone would assume and a dog bite can cause horrible injuries. Dog bite injuries can lead to surgeries, skin grafts, rehabilitation, and in the worst of cases, wrongful death.

In the United States, it has been estimated by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) that nearly 2% of the population have suffered by a dog bite and that nearly 1 million people are attacked every year. It also states that the majority of dog bites involve young children. Also, that dog bites and related injuries accounted for 1/3 of the homeowner insurance claims filed in 2014.

Compensation for Those Injured by a Dog Attack

In the state of Alabama, a dog owner is responsible for their dog's actions whether the dog was in a privately-owned residence or in a public place. Dog owners must keep their dog away from people if their dog is prone to biting or aggression. Additionally, dog owners must properly train and care for their dogs in order to encourage amiable behavior. However, whether a dog owner had prior knowledge to a dog's aggressive behavior or not, the owner is still liable for their actions. This means that a dog owner must protect the people around them and make their safety a priority.

If any of these things are not done, a dog owner will be held liable for their dog's negative actions. Our attorneys will help you and your family seek compensation for your suffering, injuries, medical care, psychological counseling, and rehabilitation. Contact the Shelnutt Law Firm today for a free case review by filling out the contact form on this page or calling 256-547-4988.