Jarred Dunn

Serving clients in Gadsden and Nearby Areas of Alabama

Attorney Jarred B. Dunn ("Jarred") spent his early years growing up in Southwide, Alabama where he graduated from Southside High school. Jarred attended his undergraduate studies at the University of Alabama - Birmingham during which time he made the decision to join the Gadsden Police Department. Jarred completed his studies in Political Science while he was also working for the police force

Gadsden Personal Injury Attorney | AlabamaAs he continued his career in law enforcement, Jarred attended law school. He served as a policeman so well that he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and oversaw 16 other officers. During his career in law enforcement, Jarred has worked as a patrol officer, school resource officer, traffic officer and special operations officer. While serving as a police officer, Jarrred learned invaluable inside information about how to investigate car accidents and uses this information in his work as an attorney.

After completing his service as a police officer and passing the bar exam in Alabama, Jarred began his own Gadsden practice. He was so successful that he was offered many positions by other firms, but never accepted one until being offered an opportunity with The Shelnutt Law Firm. 

We are thrilled to have Jarred's unique skill set as a part of our firm and are excited to see how he contributes in the fields of motor vehicle accidents, personal injury, wrongful death, family law, social security disability, and business law. Jarred will use his hands-on experience to help our firm grown and continue to deliver successful results for the members of the Gadsden community. 

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