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I worked and paid into the system for many years but my health got bad and I wasn’t able to work anymore. Plain and simple, my body just broke down. Applied for my social security benefits in 2014 but was denied. I hired Pitts and Zanaty and that was a complete crock. I never met either one of them and the only person I ever got to talk to was a paralegal. I went to the Shelnutt Law Firm and met with an ATTORNEY and hired them. They got my case file from the Pitts Firm and handled the case from that point forward. I can truly say this was a good decision. I felt they worked hard on my case and did great at the hearing. I’m very satisfied and made the right decision changing lawyers. Would recommend this firm to anyone who has been denied social security benefits

I want to thank you and your staff for helping our family after we lost our dad in his accident. This was traumatic for us and your firm helped put our minds at ease that we were in good hands. I’m so glad we decided to hire your firm instead of anyone else and it was one of the positive things that came out of the whole situation. May God Bless you and your families. You are truly dedicated, caring and special people.

I was going through a divorce with my ex-husband and these lawyers were excellent. My ex was abusive to me and was fooling around. They were able to get me primary custody, a good property settlement and alimony.My ex-husband didn’t have a problem being abusive and threatening with me but he met his match with these guys. I know this sounds childish, but it was nice to see him get put in his place. They did great in and out of the court room and their fees were reasonable. I would hire this law firm again in a split second.

If you have been in a serious accident or lost a family member in this accident, then this review will be important to you. I’m one of the unfortunate people who lost a family member in an accident. To say we were devastated would be an understatement. I can’t begin to tell you how terrible it is to be in this situation. After the accident happened, the last thing we wanted to think about was hiring a lawyer but I at least had enough composure to know that we needed to do something. I almost waited to hire a lawyer until some time had passed because it was so painful to deal with. I later found out that, If I had done that, we could have actually hurt our case by evidence being lost. I started to meet with a law firm in Birmingham but decided to meet with Mr. Shelnutt’s firm after a lady who had also lost a family member recommended them to me. From the time I walked in and met with Mr. Shelnutt and his staff I felt at ease. They were very patient and caring. It was obvious that they were experienced in handling these types of cases and I felt like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders when I left his office. The same day I hired his firm, they started interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence. Within 24 hours, he had an accident reconstructionist at the accident scene who was taking measurements and photos. They literally handled everything and they kept me informed every step of the way. Mr. Shelnutt worked hard and fought the insurance company tooth and nail. I was very glad he was representing us instead of representing the other side. At the mediation with the other driver’s insurance company, the insurance company’s lawyer actually made it a point to tell me how much he hated to deal with Mr. Shelnutt’s firm but how much he respected the way he represented his clients. I considered it worth mentioning when the other side’s lawyer (who probably hated him by this point) gave his firm a compliment. Although Mr. Shelnutt was not able to bring my loved one back, he did get my family a settlement that was much, much more than I could have ever imagined. There’s not a monetary value that can be placed on the loss we have suffered but I can rest better at night knowing that we got Justice in our case. Thank you to Mr. Shelnutt and his staff for working tirelessly and aggressively on our case. You will never know how much we appreciate you and your staff. If you’ve looking for a lawyer to represent you in an accident or wrongful death case, it does not get any better than these guys. One other thing worth mentioning is that shortly after the accident (and I mean RIGHT after)I got contacted by lawyers and “investigators” from other law firms who tried to get me to sign up with them before the funeral even was over. One firm even sent flowers to the funeral!!!! I was disgusted that these bottom feeding pieces of trash had the nerve to contact me or impose themselves on my family. Don’t hire any lawyer who contacts you directly or who has an “investigator” call you. It’s unethical and I wouldn’t trust anyone who does this.