Won my Social Security Case

Serving clients in Gadsden and Nearby Areas of Alabama

I worked and paid into the system for many years but my health got bad and I wasn’t able to work anymore. Plain and simple, my body just broke down. Applied for my social security benefits in 2014 but was denied. I hired Pitts and Zanaty and that was a complete crock. I never met either one of them and the only person I ever got to talk to was a paralegal. I went to the Shelnutt Law Firm and met with an ATTORNEY and hired them. They got my case file from the Pitts Firm and handled the case from that point forward. I can truly say this was a good decision. I felt they worked hard on my case and did great at the hearing. I’m very satisfied and made the right decision changing lawyers. Would recommend this firm to anyone who has been denied social security benefits